NSGC Makes Donation

The North Suffolk Garden Club has donated $5,000 to the Department of Urban Horticulture and Design at Farmingdale State College for the purchase of benches for its newly restored conservatory. In accepting the gift, Dr. Richard Iversen noted, “The department’s entire faculty and staff are very grateful for the generous donation from the North Suffolk Garden Club. We have just finished painting the conservatory’s foundation and it is looking splendid.”

Dr. Richard Iversen on one of the four benches donated by NSGC

Dr. Richard Iversen on one of the four benches donated by NSGC

The Stony Brook Yacht Club Mariculture Program

Members of the North Suffolk Garden Club recently participated in the Stony Brook Yacht Club Mariculture Program that called for volunteers to help with the distribution of the oysters and clams that were raised in cages and rafts this year to help build a small oyster sanctuary. The objectives of this program are to provide environmental and ecological benefits and jump start oyster restoration in Stony Brook Harbor.

GCA and NSGC Recognize Cynthia Donahue

The Garden Club of America has granted Cynthia Donahue Emeritus status after a distinguished career as a GCA Photography Judge. This recognition reflects Mrs. Donahue’s contribution to the GCA and its judging program. She received the award at a recent lunch in her honor where NSGC president Jennifer Lawrence noted her many accomplishments.

"Cindy is no stranger to being honored,” said Mrs. Lawrence. “Over the years, Cindy has received a GCA Medal of Merit, a Photography Creativity Award and the Zone Judging Award. “Cindy has been helpful to so many of us over the years and we are delighted to present this award on behalf of the GCA."


North Suffolk Garden Club this year funded a Pollinator Fellowship through the Garden Club of America Board of Associates Centennial Pollinator Fellowship program. Recipient Gabriella Pardee, a PhD student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Program at Dartmouth College, researches the effects of climate change on plant-pollinator interactions. This fellowship will enable her to conduct field experiments in which she manipulates snowmelt timing and frost exposure to examine how plants, pollinators and their interactions respond to earlier snowmelt and increasing temperatures.

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