NSGC Members Donate Time & Talent to the
Three Village Candlelight Tour

Manpower and ideas abounded as NSGC members donated their time to the Three Village Historical Society decorating Martha Stansbury’s home featured on the annual Three Village Holiday Candlelight Tour.   Titled “Naturally Christmas,” the décor focused on all fresh greenery and dozens of amaryllis to create a magical total effect. To divide the workload, members were assigned one room with the goal of variation on technique to add interest while conforming to the overall theme.  The comradery gained throughout the weeks of work paid off with a sense of total gratification at the finish line.  NSGC members assisting Martha were Marilyn Light and Barbara Gray, creators of a stunning magnolia leaf/fresh fruit 12’ runner in the summer dining room, Michelle Gaughran and Martha created the living room magazine worthy mantle display and numerous amaryllis floral designs, Kathy Polito created the winter dining room vignette, Chris Amato created the music room mantle piece, Joyce Mazzeo donated her glorious magnolia branches, and Robin Dahlgard led  the tree decorating task.  What a great kickstart to the holiday season!

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Emma Lee Blackford Rockwell Herb Garden

For more than 20 years, North Suffolk Garden Club has designed and maintained the Emma Lee Blackford Rockwell Herb Garden at the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook.

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The herb garden, dedicated in 1993, was created in memory of Mrs. Rockwell, a St. James resident and active member of NSGC, Garden Club of America and the Long Island chapter of the Herb Society of America.

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Located adjacent to the 1880s Beaux-Arts fountain dedicated to Margaret and Jack Sculley, the garden’s four rectangular beds surround a sundial. Plants include thyme, cat mint, lavender, chamomile, roses, Echinacea, among others.

Oyster Reseeding in Stony Brook Harbor

North Suffolk Garden Club last year joined a grassroots effort led by Ed Zero in 2013 at the Stony Brook Yacht Club to reseed oysters in Stony Brook Harbor.

Ideal conditions in the harbor facilitate rapid oyster growth showing promise for reestablishment of the natural filtration system needed for clean water.

Over the years, extensive harvesting, development and pollution all but wiped out Long Island’s oyster beds. In the 1970s, Congress passed numerous acts to protect the environment and among the most crucial for New York waters was the 1972 Clean Water Act that set a 1985 deadline for waters to be swimmable and fishable.

Reseeding oyster beds in Stony Brook Harbor will improve overall water quality, provide a habitat for numerous species and make the area less susceptible to erosion.

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Annual Holiday Arrangements Workshop

For many years, North Suffolk Garden Club members in early December have conducted a holiday arrangement workshop for residents of the St. James Nursing Home. It is always a festive occasion and each resident returns to his or her room with a beautiful arrangement.

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