What Makes a Good Garden Photograph?

NSGC garden club members

Stephanie Massey, professional photographer, was the featured speaker at the February meeting of the North Suffolk Garden Club. Stephanie began her career working with Susan Roth, a noted photographer and author, whose most recent book is A Year in Rock Tree Park.  Stephanie’s portfolio covers garden photography, as well as children and pet portraiture.
Noting that most people are using their cell phones as cameras today, she ran through several tips on maximizing the potential for quality photos via cell phone.  Many apps are available for free and can be an amateur’s best friend.  Camera +, Snapseed and Waterlogue are just a few.  They offer tools to edit photos that were once done in the darkroom.
Ms. Massey talked about lighting being the number one criterion for good photos.  Early morning and late afternoon are known as the golden hours because of the soft hue that happens at those times of day.  Overcast days are also optimum.  She talked about depth of field, the one-third rule of composition and using symmetry andpattern as focal points. 


About Stephanie


Stephanie Massey is a nationally published garden photographer.  She now works as portrait photographer specializing in young children and pets. In 2010, her family home was lost to a fire. In that fire, Stephanie lost most of her garden photography library and all published work. She still photographs flowers today as fine art still life.