North Suffolk Garden Club

Board Minutes

May 16, 2016

Present: Jennifer, Kathy P., Chris, Robin, Margaret, Sharon, Barbara G., Jane, Shelia, Kathleen M., Deanna, Joan R., Natalia, Maryjane, Libby, Judy, Leighton, and Michelle 

Minutes from March 2016 need two revisions – noted.

Jennifer opened the meeting at 4:00 pm. Mike Opisso presented the plans for the Howind Memorial Garden to the Museum’s Executives. Fantastic plan slated for the area in front of the former gift shop. Neil will be presenting the plan at our June 15th meeting. The plan is clean and tranquil with a custom bench as the focal point. The bench will be custom made by Christopher Miano at a discounted rate. Details to be 8 feet in length, with a live edge and constructed of black walnut. Jennifer and Bruce Lawrence donated the wood from their property. The cost of the bench will run $6500.00 and the Garden Club passed a motion to donate the monies needed to see this project to fruition.

The annual meeting will be held on June 15 at Mills Hall at 1pm. The annual report will be compiled by Jennifer and read off premise to save time.

Zone Schedule for May 2017 Photography Show has been submitted to Liz Piazza for approval.  Jennifer will write a report describing the nature of our club and submit to the committee. Ideas are welcomed. Natalia presented a photo to submit to the show depicting a Garden in Japan.

Kathy delivered the treasury report. Savings Account Balance is $2,446.77. The Checking Account Balance is $7,152.81 for a total of $9,599.58. The Morgan Account Balance is $73,193.45.

Judy reported that Ed zero will speak to our club after the Zone meeting ~ November.

Flower Show committee reported that the pedestals, signage, centerpieces bases, and wings are all freshly painted and are ready to go.

Barbara reported that the workshop conducted by Liz was a great success and a Thank You note has been sent to her.

The upcoming May 26th show is coming along. Participation is still needed so Joan and Deanna will request volunteers.

Robin reported that the Plant Exchange  next year will be Mahonia Repens which propagates and spreads easily in a dry shaded area.

Sharon reported that we lost 2 former members – Nancy Lawrence and Vinnie Fish. Sympathy cards were mailed to their families. Susan Olsen will be rejoining our club as a full member. Donna Howard and Maureen Bonacchi were proposed and accepted as provisional members.

Barbara reported that on July 11 we are invited to attend a lecture at the LIM on draught tolerant plants. Sept. we plan to attend The Dahlia Show at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum. Oct 19th we will have the Ikebana demonstration at the OFC. Nov. conservation with Ed Zero, Dec. 9th we will visit the Nursing Home and on Dec. 14 we will hold our annual holiday luncheon at St. Georges. Feb. we will have a critique photo lecture with Stephanie Massey.

Robin asked for planting volunteers this Wednesday.

Chris reported that the Zone 2017 sewing volunteers have been slated to begin their project in January.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Gaughran, Secretary